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Dear Facebook, I’m one of your avid users. Not an addict, like some others, but nevertheless check my profile more regularly than a normal person would deem necessary. Your ease of use, simple structure and basic principles make it easy for me to browse through what my friends are doing, post my own content and keep in touch with those I desire. I don’t feel like...

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Last week saw our office block receive its delivery of the Yellow Pages. In the past, the massive mounds of yellow information were quickly snapped up from the foyer, however we have noticed over the past few years that the mountains don’t get moved (where are you when we need you Usher?). A week later and the stack sits as strong as it did on...

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In the current era of Internet usage, it’s still amazing that some websites don’t understand how to serve their customers, and make people jump through hoops to get in contact with them. Combining that with an overuse of new technologies, it is a recipe for consumer frustration. The inspiration for this post came from when the author was trying to discover the location of a Sydney...

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