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Microsft has announced that it is walking away from it's attempt to acquire Yahoo after raising their bid by a further US$5 Billion (around US$2 per share more than the original offer of US$31 per share). The raised bid was again rejected by Yahoo, stating that the increase to the offer was only half of what they considered to be reasonable to move forward. "From the...

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The Yahoo! using Google Ad's deal is getting close sources say. It is believed the small trial of Google Ad's has yielded positive results for the Yahoo! camp. The anti-trust problems that would occur with a Yahoo! and Google combination are yet to be discussed, but would be very interesting if the powers that be would let it work out. This deal is reported to be helping...

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Yahoo! has announced the launch of its new web crawler, Yahoo! Slurp 3.0. This new crawler is very similar to its previous kin, but is slightly changed to include a few new elements. 1. The crawlers will reside on a new set of IP addresses, but will still reverse DNS lookup to the domain. So if you are using IP-based rules, make sure to keep...

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Time Warner’s AOL are in talks with Yahoo! for potential mergers. It is reported that this is to thwart the attempts of Microsoft to purchase Yahoo!

In related news, it is reported that NewsCorp are in talks with Microsoft to get together and buy Yahoo! as a collective, potentially making the worlds largest consortium for online advertisers.

Yahoo! have stated that they wish to begin a 'limited' test of Google's AdSense for search services over the coming couple of weeks. The test is said to be on no more than 3% of Yahoo!'s search to ensure it is restricted. Considering that the trial will last a couple of weeks, it will give Yahoo! a full week to consider its possible alternatives before the...

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Microsoft, two months since their initial bid for Yahoo! are still sitting quietly. Much speculation as to whether or not they would increase their bid has taken place, yet no actions have been set yet.

Microsoft’s team of strategists believe that time is helping them, as they argue that the recent Yahoo! roadshow failed to dazzle investors and nothing displayed would justify an increased price.

Yahoo have spoken out regarding the takeover and the development of their company. The prime points covered are that; they are sticking by their growth forecasts despite the slowing economy and that they DO NOT require Microsoft to help them at all. Jerry Yang stated: "Yahoo is positioned for accelerated financial growth—we have a powerful consumer brand, a huge global audience and a highly profitable operating model" Do...

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