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Microsoft are preparing to engage in a proxy fight against Yahoo! as it trys to gain control of the failing internet company. The aggressive tactic is part of the hard-nosed takeover campaign that Microsoft began two weeks ago. Unless Yahoo quickly reverses course and enters into merger talks, Microsoft will seek to nominate a slate of directors to Yahoo’s board by March 13, the deadline for...

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After Yahoo! yesterday formally rejected Microsoft's offer to buy them out, Microsoft vowed to continue its efforts for the takeover.  Google had originally offered to help Yahoo! in an effort to fend off advance from Microsoft, however have since dropped back into the audience after evaluating the potential regulatory implications of such moves.  Since the offer was made, shares in Yahoo! have risen almost to...

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Microsoft has offered $44.6 Billion dollars to purchase Yahoo! Labelled as Microsoft's most bold move to date, they wish to purchase Yahoo! to curb the escalating leadership of Google. The deal involves a mix of both cash and stock from Microsoft, with Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) stating that they intend to merge the two companies and retain staff from Yahoo! in an incentive plan. Jerry Yang, the...

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Yahoo will cut 1,000 jobs from its 14,300-member work force by mid-February, sad news for a number of Yahoo employees.

The company disclosed these cuts as a result of discussions pertaining to its 4th quarter profit losses. Yahoo also made mention that they would be heavily investing in new areas of search and online media, new jobs of which will be created that will allow existing employees to reapply for.

Yahoo, owners of Delicious for a little over 2 years now, has reportedly begun playing with the concept of showing information from the social bookmarking site under listings on its Search results pages.

Yahoo has confirmed that Delicious data has no impact on the search rankings, however from a user’s point of view a large number of “people who bookmarked” a page would indicate that it is a good resource and would theoretically attract a higher click through rate. I am sure Yahoo would be monitoring this sort of data. Furthermore, displaying the tags Delicious users have assigned to the links helps search users to investigate delicious bookmarks related to the topics they are researching.

Google’s recent announcement that it is building an open source operating system for mobile devices has been receiving a lot of attention in the press of late but Yahoo! too is scheming their own action plan. Executive vice president of Yahoo’s Connected Life division Marco Boerries is racing to lock down phone distribution deals that could deliver hundreds of millions of advertising customers before Google’s own mobile strategy ever takes wing.

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