Take Advantage of Google's Caching Cycle

Take Advantage of Google's Caching Cycle

Time poor?

Want to help your SEO company rank your website high in search engines?

If you answered yes to both of the above questions, I believe I have a solution!

If you see that your website is cached on the 2nd of the month, and that Google returns to recache it again on the 12th, then the caching cycle of the website is 10 days. Google does return to look at changes most days, but the majority of the indexing occurs during this time.

So returning to the 2 questions above – if you are time poor and can only afford to spend 2 hours per month writing a blog or new content for the site, do you think it would be better to release 600 words every 30 days telling Google that the site is updated once a month, or 2 lots of 300 words telling Google that the site is updated twice a month?

You guessed it, the more frequently the site is updated the better it is for both rankings and the websites authority. If CNN started releasing information once every 2 days, do you still think people would visit for up-to-date news? I think not! Exactly the same principle applies with Google.

If you want to be an industry leader, but haven’t updated any information for 1 year, how can you ever be considered a leader?

If content is releaseed more frequently, or even every day, it is much better than twice a month. The more often the better. Twice a day is even better as long as it is STEADY!

The most important factor to keep in mind is the consistency of content release. Once a month is good, but once a month for 3 years is better. 5 pages of content over 1 year are good, but 1 page of content per month over 2 years is better!

Consider this question.

What do you find more important for recent information – A book or a newspaper?
What do you find more important for recent information – A website that is updated weekly, or a website that is updated twice a year?

So if you are time poor, do udpating right and save the heartache.

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