Don’t Do That to Your Web Copy!

Don’t Do That to Your Web Copy!

OK, so you’ve written up that great piece of web copy, it’s burning a hole in your screen and you got a heavy finger that’s gravitating towards the big red button to set that sucker live. Your SEO firm has told you that more content is needed yesterday for you to improve your rankings further, my blog series has told you that you need that improved content to get more conversions, and your puppy needs to be walked in the next 4 seconds to avoid a minor carpet level disaster. All systems are go!

Errr, not quite.

Hold fire, there is one last thing to do before that content is ready for the big bad world wide web. Now that you’ve done everything you should do, it’s time to make sure you have not done anything you aren’t meant to do. This article will tell you exactly what you have to watch out for.

I know, I know, I said that my last article would be my final post on content writing for conversion rate optimisation. But, to paraphrase Renton, there’s final posts and final posts. If you’ve made it this far, you see the value of this final excercise. So let’s get to it.

DO NOT be a Bad Salesman

  • Don’t push your products. If you’ve written good copy, your readers will be able to figure this out for themselves.
  • Don’t exclude your readers by saying things like “we do this” or “we do that”. Make it relevant to your readers, not yourself. For example, “You receive all the eucalyptus enhanced benefits of our all natural koala fur dice”.
  • Don’t write for yourself. You may be the expert, and you may have a lot of subject matter knowledge, but write your content for your readers. Make it simple and accessible. Consider putting your expert opinion into a blog for those that are interested and can comprehend and appreciate it.

DO NOT Make it Ugly

  • Don’t waffle.
  • Don’t put so much text at the top that the product pictures slip below the fold.
  • Don’t put your text in one big block – separate it into paragraphs.
  • Don’t forget to use headline titles – they facilitate scanning, which most people do.
  • Don’t speak in long sentences.
  • Don’t forget to use whitespace in between large blocks of text.
  • Don’t spew benefits and other lists in-line. Make use of bullets for lists – they assist scanning and deriving emphasis.
  • Don’t use off-screen fonts. Off-screen fonts have tails, eg Times New Roman. On screen it should have no tails, eg Calibri.
  • Don’t use font below size 10pt


  • Include the keywords that you are targeting for SEO. Your SEO firm can tell you which keywords to target.
  • Do not be spammy with keywords. Keep the keyword density to 3-4%. Any more and you run the risk of keyword stuffing, which will be annoying to both users and search engines.
  • Do not write duplicate content. Ensure the content is written fresh. You may use snippets, quotes and a paragraph or two from another source but make sure the majority of it is fresh.

What You Can Do, TODAY!
Writing good content is a habit. Like any (good) habit, it can be built up like a muscle. It just takes a while and a bit of willpower to build. Think of this list as your personal trainer. Use it to review every piece of content before you send it live, until being an awesome web writer is a natural part of you!

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