The National Broadband Network And You

The National Broadband Network And You

I am sure that many people reading this already know of the plans to introduce the National Broadband Network (NBN).This is a plan by the Federal Government to introduce high speed broadband to 93% of Australians. Currently the broadband speed is pretty average and, depending on what and where you are uploading or downloading data, it can at times be horrific.

According to we are ranked number 28 in the world for internet speed. By the reckoning of, Australia is ranked number 40 for downloads and 60 for uploads.

The top 5 countries are:

• South Korea
• Latvia
• Lithuania
• Republic of Moldova
• Romania

I have to admit, I would think some of those countries would be last – but everything on the internet is true right?

Even if Australia is ranked 20 – it isn’t good enough.  Australia is one of the most tech savvy countries in the word.

As reported by, Australians have 682 computers per 1 thousand people – ranked 7th.  Switzerland is ranked number 1 with 864 per 1 thousand. 

The number of Australians with a TV is 96.28%, but I believe this isn’t extremely accurate, as the recorded date was 2003.

But what does all this mean?  We are tech savvy, without the resources to move forward.  With the announcement of Google TV, Apple TV and the increase of the internet for EVERYTHING, why don’t I have a fibre to my living room?!?!?!

A bill put forward by Julia Gillard intents to split Telstra into 2 divisions would make the NBN easier to implement and would also make internet plans cheaper for everyone. A move that definitely needs to happen if we are ever going to outpace the third world when it comes to online speed.

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