The New Age of Online Advertising

The New Age of Online Advertising

When watching TV, how often do you flick through the ads – just waiting for your favourite TV program to come back. I hardly think I’m alone in doing this, because let’s face it, it’s just plain annoying.

The time has now come for these types of ads to infiltrate the online world – and David Payne is leading the way, hoping to alter not only the way online ads look but also how they are sold.

I’m sure you have come across pop-up ads during your online surfing time, so whats so different about this type of online ad? This time, the advertisements will be full screen and deliberately intrusive. They will last for approximately 15-30 seconds and will load in-between web pages as you browse through your favourite websites.

So why is this method being touted as the next big thing in online advertising? Well according to David Payne:

The reason we need change is that brands are not treating in-page display ads as brand vehicles. Payne believes that its time to adopt a bigger, bolder creative and less sensitive approach to the user experience when it comes to online advertising.

So how will you feel about short video adverts rolling while you’re browsing the web?

According to some experts in the industry:

Companies have tried things like this before with mixed results, but we may be reaching a stage in the growth of our industry that tolerance for this type of video advertising is higher.

For this web user, I must disagree as I feel a major reason people turn to the web is because they are time poor. Will it make sense for brands to forcefully expose web users to this type of advertisment? What’s your opinion on the matter?

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