The New Google Analytics: An Overview of New Features

The New Google Analytics: An Overview of New Features

If you are not already capitilising on all the cool features available to you via the new Google Analytics then I’m here today to ask, what are you waiting for?! There have been many excellent advancements to this already invaluable tool so in order to bring you up to speed nice and quick and easy, I’ve prepared the following outline pour vous.

Custom and Multiple Dashboards: Have multiple dashboards for different types of analysis, and each one can be highly customised with the introduction of widgets (metric, pie chart, timeline and table). More on that here.

Plot Rows: Graph any two rows alongside the overview, from here you can then easily determine how much a row contributes to the whole. Or you can compare two lines against each other to look for comparison trends. More on there here in case that made no sense to you at all.

Events Goals: Use this feature to track visitor actions that don’t correspond directly to pageviews which would be things like downloading files, interactions with embedded objects, checkout errors or the length of time videos are watched. Cool! More on that here.

New Google Analytics Help Center: Get help here in the redesigned help center that is more organised, apparently.

Custom Reports: Get excited web analytics fans, a spankingly improved Custom Reporting feature makes creating custom reports easily and more easily managed. You can even share them with your friends, yeah! More on that here.

Measure Page Load Time: Ummmm… not much more I can say on that! Check out a previous post of mine on this subject here.

Improved Analytics Intelligence: New overview report that allows date range specification in a sortable table. Auto alerts have also been improved with filtering and more measurements.

Webmaster Tools Integration: This is pretty rad I must say. Released early June in a pilot to test the waters, this give us access to a set of reports using search data from Google Webmaster Tools and will be improve based in feedback from the pilot. More info? Click here.

Map Overlay Improvements: The latest update from the Google Analytics blog tells us about how we can now see region level maps in over 170 countries. Get the lowdown here.

There will no doubt be many more new roll outs in the coming months and I will endeavor to keep you informed on all developments but for now, don’t just sit there! Go and get in the action and check these awesome features and start using them to your advantage.

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