The Value of Blogging

The Value of Blogging

Have people told you blogging is a waste of time? Tell them to think again. United states online business publication 24/7 Wall street valued the 25 most valuable blogs in the world, declaring blog company Gawker Properties (home of blogs such as Gawker, Defmer, Jezebel, Gizmodo) the most valuable at $263 million.

The 24/7 Wall Street publication expressed that what makes a blogs so valuable is the founder of the blog itself. Matt Drudge and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton are an intrinsic part of their brand for their blog. They often have a higher value, but only if the founder stays with the business. As Perez Hilton stated “opinions do matter, especially if you’re famous”.

If this hasn’t convinced you yet, Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton earns around $US8.8 million a year and attracts 5.5 million unique viewers a month. The business is valued at about $US32 million (AU$50 million).

The value and profits blogs are making today show they are definitely not a waste of time. Blogging has clearly moved from boring geeky past hobby to fill your time with, to a rightful money making project.

Others believe that blogs are not only a way of making money but positively impacting the individuals who are reading your blogs lives. With the amount of people viewing and reading blogs we can see the importance they bring to the individual, blogs are a rich source of information and offer enjoyment of reading and searching about other people’s opinions.

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1. Gawker Properties $190 million
2. Huffington Post $90 million
3. The Drudge Report $48 million
4. Perez Hilton $32 million
5. Sugar, Inc $27 million
6. TechCrunch $25 million
7. MacRumors $21 million
8. SeekingAlpha $11 million
9. GigaOm $9.5 million
10. Politico $8.7 million
11. SmashingMagazine $7.7 million
12. SearchEngineLand $4.5 million
13. Boing Boing $3.6 million
14. ReadWriteWeb $3.4 million
15. SB Nation $2.7 million
16. Destructoid $2.5 million
17. Mashable $2.5 million
18. Alley Insider $2.25 million
19. /film (slashfilm) $2.1 million
20. The Superficial Network (AntiClown Media) $2 million
21. Neatorama $1.5 million
22. Daily Kos $2 million
23. Talking Points Memo $1.2 million
24. VentureBeat $1 million
25. $1 million
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