Thongin' Around for a Good Cause

Thongin' Around for a Good Cause

If there is one thing the E-Webbers are good at, it’s partying; and what better way to spend a Friday afternoon than to not only party, but to party in thongs?

National Thong Day was held on October 1st and the E-Webbers slapped on their thongs in order to raise money for one of our clients and supported charities, Youngcare. Games included a Ping-Pong-a-thong, a Sing-Star-a-thong and Foosball-a-thong.

Dan's D.I.Y Thongs

Not only was it a great end to a busy week, but the event supported a fantastic and important cause that raises money to provide accommodation and care to Australia’s youth whom have full-time care needs. As Youngcare states; ‘Thongs represent youth, freedom, fun and an Australian way of life – all things that young people deserve to experience, regardless of their care needs.’

To find out more about Thong Day and what Youngcare does, visit the websites;

To help E-Web Marketing reach their goal of raising $500 for Youngcare, visit the team page at;

Funk Masta Thong

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