Twitter Should Hire Me!

Twitter Should Hire Me!

Today, as the recession persists, more and more people are turning to social media to find the right job for them.  Jamie Varon generates hype amongst online social media with her new website ‘Twitter Should Hire Me‘ .

‘Twitter should hire me’ is about a lady Jamie whose sole purpose is to get hired by twitter and she believes, the only way to stand out in the competitive job market is to do something unique. While Jamie was trying to decide between throwing herself in front of HR representative at Twitter or creating a site in the hope that one of them would see it, we are glad to see (and follow) that she has made a quirky move and has gone with the latter.

“Twitter is blowing up as we all know and they are going to need some people to work for them. I WANT TO BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE.”Jamie Varon

Jamie’s website promotes her passion for Twitter. She lists ten reasons why Twitter should hire her. She has composed resumes and shows how she is active in the online community. Jamie endeavours to blog every day about Twitter and social media networking until someone at Twitter gets in contact with her, and yes, offers her a job! She has gained fans and people are trying to help her out by spreading the word. After following Jamie on line and reading her crazy blogs posts, I strongly feel Twitter would be very lucky to hire her!

So let’s spread the word. Good luck Jamie!

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