U.S. AdWords TV Ads Now Available

U.S. AdWords TV Ads Now Available

Google has been beta testing Google TV Ads since last June and has now officially opened up to all U.S. AdWords advertisers. To celebrate and promote the launch, Google has said that for a limited time they will cover the cost of creating the Ads up to the sum of $2000. This seems like a pittance, however by way of the Google Ad Creation Marketplace – a directory listing professionals and businesses that provide Ad creation services – Google says Ads can be put together for as little as $100-$1000. Of course the $2000 kicked in by Google only applied if you use the marketplace to source ad creators.

To place an ad campaign, advertisers can use the AdWords online interface and simply:

  • Select geographic locations.
  • Select networks to run on.
  • Select days of the week for ads to run.
  • Select times of day to run the ads.

If you are unsure you can get suggestions from Google on networks and times based on your target demographic by sex and age. The rest of the process is similar to setting up a normal campaign however you need to of course upload (or send tapes by mail) your video ads to your campaign library to be able to select a video ad for the campaign you are creating. Obviously a per click model wont work, so these ads are CPM based.

Google has a walk-through screencast demo that can be found here. We found this info on InformationWeek.

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