Wave Goodbye to Google Wave

Wave Goodbye to Google Wave

The Google Wave dream is over.

Last year, Google launched their innovative new project, Google Wave to the masses as a real time web app. Benefits of this new scheme included character-by-character live typing, and the ability to drag-and-drop files from the desktop, even “playback” the history of changes-all within a browser.

Google created quite a song and dance regarding this new initiative – although they did reiterate that they weren’t quite sure how users would respond to this radically new and different kind of communication.

However, it is now time to wave good-bye to Google wave. Google announced that the program had not received the user adoption they were expecting.

So, what does this mean for those of you addicted to Google Wave (anyone??)

Well at this stage, Google plans to extend the technology for use in other Google projects by allowing the central parts of the code to continue to be available as open source, in the hopes that anyone out there can build upon the existing technology.

Google’s senior VP, Urs Holzle, insists that the Google team is proud of the boundaries they pushed in developing the Google Wave platform.

Did you ever use Google Wave? What were your experiences?

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