Web-based Plagiarism Detection Devices Versus Google Search Robot

Web-based Plagiarism Detection Devices Versus Google Search Robot

A new plagiarism detection tool has been created to track down copied content on the net and to find out who is ripping it off. The new tool called Plagium is being put to the test to prove the rumours that Plagium detects copied text on the internet better than any search engine.
Site operator Septet Systems says that Plagium uses

“Septet’s proprietary TX Miner engine, which employees advanced search technology for deep minim of documents on the public World Wide Web or within private repositories, but the actual search results are generated with the Yahoo Search API.”

So why don’t we just use search engines in the first place? The reason is, Plagium can handle larger amounts of text than most search engines. For example Google is known to be able to track at one time approximately 200 characters or 32 words where Plagium can track up to 13 documents at a time. Plagium is also equipped to be able to generate alerts when a given sentence is being copied; Plagium notifies the user via email whenever a new case of the content appears on the Web.
Author, Nate Anderdton tested the two plagiarism device against Google with two different articles. The first case Plagium and Google detected the same amount of duplicated articles the second article searched only picked up 3 hits via Google where Plagium found 10 copied results, proving overall to be more reliable and accurate.

Plagium is free, displays decent results and provides email notification alerts. It is certainly worth giving it a try.

To test Plagium visit the link www.plagium.com

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