Web Copy: The “Less is More” Guide to Writing for the Web

Web Copy: The “Less is More” Guide to Writing for the Web

Efficient copywriting for the web writes and follows its own rules: as with most things, “less is more”. But the question is, more of what? With the myriad of web sites and search engine results available to consumers online, web content emerges as having three specific goals that breed results we want “more of”. That is, getting visitors to the site, keeping them there, and taking them further.

Getting them there
As mentioned, search engines such as google are renowned for results rating up in the millions of pages for internet consumers to choose from. So how do we get ‘up there’ when it comes to search engine results listings? The answer lies in SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is not a luxury to be added onto web content, but a necessity for web content to be built on. The fundamentals of SEO is to choose keywords and provide valuable information about that particular subject. By utilising the power of SEOs, the chances of a web user clicking into a website is increased exponentially.

Keeping them there
Now that the web content has achieved visitor numbers, the next hurdle to tackle is how to keep visitors on the site. Consumers can be clicked within one or two clicks of a mouse, and behind them is a whole list (plus more) of other alternatives to your website. So how to hold attention in such a precarious moment? Make sure you have provided the visitor with what they want. Keep things relevant, concise and simple. No big blocks of writing, and no flowery language. Straight to the point with a specific target market in mind is the way to go – but at the same time, make the reader feel referred to directly. Not why the mailing list should be joined or product purchased; but why that visitor in particular should join that particular mailing list, or why that visitor in particular should buy that particular product. Simple and concise, relevant but personal. Chances are you’ll manage to pull the cursor away from the back button with these few simple rules.

Taking them further
Getting one-hit visitors is one thing – getting repeat visitors is another. Provide the visitor an incentive to return, or an opportunity to take their web page experience further. If they bought a product, can they join a mailing list? If they’ve expressed interest in the company or services, is there an accompanying Facebook page or Twitter account they can follow? Always give them a reason to come back, or better yet, email a friend.

By following these three principles, you will see  your web copy create more content with less words, and more visitors with less effort.

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