What Does Your Brand Message Say About You?

What Does Your Brand Message Say About You?

One of the biggest challenges facing online businesses is ensuring that the message you intend to deliver is actually translated to your target audience.

This boils down to perception.

For the business owner – the message you are trying to deliver is easily understandable as you are the expert in the products and service that you offer. You have most certainly also have had a say in the content that has been added to your website and so the message you are delivering is clear to you.
Let’s face facts – you are not trying to sell your product or service to yourself!
This leads to the most important question: How do you communicate your brand message so that your target market can unmistakably determine its value?

Many website’s make the mistake of focusing their content predominantly on their product or service – of course this is important, but what will be of most use to your target market is to go one step further and outline the benefit that you can offer your audience.
Ask yourself this question – what specific benefit can you relay to your audience that will save them time or make them more money.
As an example rather than saying “I’m a landscaper” say “I can help beautify your outdoor areas to add value to the sale price of your house.”

Nothing translates more to an audience then having them relate to situations in which they may find themselves. Describing situations in which you have helped previous clients can help your audience easily identify with the message you are trying to portray. Using analogies and tying these in with specific circumstances your target market may face will help highlight the benefit
of working with you can bring to their business.

The most important thing to remember – it’s all about your target audience and helping them understand the value that working with your business can bring.

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