What is the Number One SEO Technique?

What is the Number One SEO Technique?

If there was only one SEO strategy that could be implemented what would you choose?
If thinking in terms of the common SEO technique you might say that you would implement something like title tags, they’re fairly important right? But if I take a step back and have an overall look at the situation I think there is a lot that can be learned from this question. Most people get so focused on the day to day Meta data changes they think they need to make on the site to help it rank that they never see that what search engines are really looking at is a lot more general.

Making a site that is relevant and useful to internet users, offering them information that can help them attain what they are looking for. This is the master key to getting any rankings in the search engines simply because, in the grander scheme of things, this is what Google and the other search engines are trying to serve to people. The Google search algorithm if it had a dollar value would be worth hundreds of billions of dollars, it is a seriously advanced piece of software. With this in mind don’t you think that there is very little to how much you can manipulate it into thinking your site is the most informative in the industry when in fact it is not? Having the best and most relevant information/content is undeniably the most important factor in getting your site ranking.

Build a site that is user friendly for the blind. When I mentioned that the one thing if implemented effectively would get you rankings was to make a site that was useful, this also referred to its usability. Though the blind do not cover a large portion of the market, Google is very similar to a blind person when looking at a site, it has to use the text, the alt tags and title tags to navigate its way through the site and decide what the page is about.

Have you ever tested your site to see how user friendly it is to the blind or visually impaired? If you have you would know how annoying and difficult is it when you come across a page that is not optimised for it, and how badly built most sites are in catering to the blind. All too often do you see missing or irrelevant meta data, alt text and titles. This is a very big mistake because this is not only inconveniencing the blind…

Without implementing the above it will be difficult to get the results that you are after in any search engine. These are the foundations of SEO and on their own can get you first page listings in a relatively competitive market.

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