What to Blog About?

What to Blog About?

Have you ever had difficulties in finding something to write about on your company blog? Ever sat thinking for so much time that if you had some ideas in the first place you would have written three articles by now?

Almost ever day I get the question “what can i write about in my blog” I find this hard to believe as there is not really any limit to the amount of topics to discuss. The majority of time people are just having a mental block and brainstorming some ideas with them will often cause them to shift their train of thought enough to come up with some good topics – at least until the next time you call them to ask how their blogging is going. Well not everyone has an SEO firm they can contact to help them come up with some new ideas so in this article I will do my best to give you some sure fire ways to get the ideas flowing on your own.

When writing blog posts it is important to keep in mind that you are not targeting your main site keywords but variations of them and long tail versions of them. In a previous article I took this into more depth and mentioned the importance of having correctly segmented content but in short this is the primary pages of the site having quality usable content dedicated to specific keywords and filler content – this is the content that is made up of blog posts. This should always be kept in mind when writing articles.

One of the quickest ways to come up with ideas is to take your current keywords and add specific terms in front or on the end of them. For instance adding a location to the keyword:

The title of the article would be (keyword – location) (Window Cleaning Sydney) this could be anything from a client testimonial in Sydney to a review of a particular job you did in the area. In keeping with the plumbing example the article would go something like:

“My name is Simon, I live in Sydney I had my windows cleaned with (example company) and they did a great job, my windows have never looked so clean…”

I am a big fan of getting client testimonials to create content on a blog. You would be very surprised how willing your customers are to provide you with one, especially if they are aware you will be putting it on your blog where other people will see it. If you sell products do product reviews.

When all else fails write a blog about, what to blog about…

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