Where Are My Calls Coming From?

Where Are My Calls Coming From?

Do you know which marketing campaign is generating you the most phone calls? Are you getting a return on your investments? To ensure you are making the most out of your marketing campaigns, tracking is very important. So what is an effective way of tracking your marketing campaigns? 

Yesterday I was talking to my client, and asked her how many calls she had received over the last month, and what were the sources of those calls. She took a long while to calculate how many calls she’d recieved, and had no idea at all of where they all came from. You have probably experienced something similar with your business.

As the old marketing maxim goes: “50% of your advertising budget is wasted, you’re just never sure what half it is.” I am pleased to let you know that this maxim is now officially redundant – yes, you can find out exactly where your enquiries and leads come from, right down to the last dollar.

Call Tracking is a service that allows you to collect data and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. This is done through assigning a separate phone number to each advertising medium to determine which efforts are working and which ones are just sucking up your money and giving nothing back.

Call Tracking allows you to make better marketing decisions. By tracking every inbound call and its source, you will be able to easily evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns plus get a real time performance report of your advertising investment. All reports are available online from any web browser.

So how good is it?  What exactly are the benefits of Call Tracking?

  • You can capture the details of every single call, so you don’t lose any sales opportunities due to missed or unanswered calls.  You can choose to recieve an instant email or SMS whenever a call is missed.
  • All phone recordings can be recorded as well as the call time and date, caller number (if not blocked), and even caller location.
  • As the calls are recorded, you can monitior on how well your staff handles enquiries, and provide corrective training if needed.
  • Basic call tracking stats can be viewed in conjunction with the website’s analytics tracking data.
  • You can track any online marketing sources such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, and more.
  • You can also track offline marketing initiatives, such as print ads, TV, radio, newspaper etc, just by assigning a different phone number to each campaign creative.

Call Tracking doesn’t bring you customers of itself, but it does tell you where to spend your marketing budget most effectively. For example, you might be spending half your marketing budget on a Google AdWords campaign and the other half on a newspaper ad campaign.  Call Tracking will allow you to differentiate the exact source of your enquiries. So, if you learn that 90% of your sales come from AdWords and 10% come from newspaper ads, you will know to cut your spend on newspapers and invest it into Google instead. It really is that simple and effective!

Currently, E-Web Marketing is providing the Call Tracking service in its beta phase to our existing clients only. The awesome benefit of jumping onto call tracking now is that you can suggest any recommendations, and we will be able to improve the service for you to meet your own unique needs.

As for everyone else, be on the look out when it is available to you!

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