Who Wants a Dream Job? Here's How…

Who Wants a Dream Job? Here's How…

Many of us use Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, and many of us also look for job opportunities online.  Sites like Mycareer and Seek have a huge database of client’s and would be thought of by myself and many others as the number 1 place to look for a new job.

What the large majority of the online population don’t do, is left field of the norm, but quite possibly could become more and more effective and used.  This idea isn’t creating a website, or a twitter post for potential employers to see.  It’s creating an AdWords campaign targeting the employers directors.
Alec Brownstein, a copywriter, has created a brilliant way to capitalise on the ego of creative directors.  Alec created 5 AdWords campaigns for 5 potential employers.

One ad read:
“Hey, [creative director’s name]: Goooogling [sic] yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too”
Did it work?
You bet it did. Alec received interviews for 4 of the 5 targeted companies, and received 2 job offers, and is now working for Y&R New York.
So the next time you are looking for a job, think outside the box – it might just work!

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