Why Do Apple And Google Hate Flash?

Why Do Apple And Google Hate Flash?

Adobe Flash looks great on websites and provides hours of entertainment in the form of online games.

It is also is unsearchable on Google and unusable on your iPhone.

This can be frustrating when you don’t want to download apps, but want to play “free” games online. It can also be annoying when you are building a website that would best display in Flash. But as all web developers and SEOs know, Google doesn’t read Flash, and Apple has shown how cool HTML5 is.

So does this mean they Google and Apple are intent on shunning Flash developers?

This may have been considered unlikely in the past, as Google and Adobe have been recorded as saying that they would try to work together to accommodate Flash in Google’s search engine results. The first such announcement of intended collaboration was made two years ago, and only seven months ago there were rumours of Google providing new SEO-friendly resources for Flash developers.

So should we be expecting another announcement in the near future? Perhaps not, if the demo on Apple’s website showcasing HTML5 is anything to go by.

Whether this is Steve Job’s attempt to make up from the iPad’s failure to load the Wall Street Journal is unknown.  But if you spend some time on Apple’s site, it becomes clear that HTML5 is actually really cool. It delivers Flash-style effects without the SEO restrictions, can embed massive amounts of text using CSS3, and the “typography demo” is truly revolutionary.

So whether Google and Apple both had HTML5 in mind when refining their algorithm or their mobile devices is yet to be known, but it does seem likely. Once again however, only time will tell.

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