Why, Facebook? Why?

Dear Facebook,

I’m one of your avid users. Not an addict, like some others, but nevertheless check my profile more regularly than a normal person would deem necessary. Your ease of use, simple structure and basic principles make it easy for me to browse through what my friends are doing, post my own content and keep in touch with those I desire. I don’t feel like my privacy is being violated, I don’t feel unsafe, and I love that you have really tried to make this as user-friendly as possible.

No wonder everyone left MySpace, and no wonder you don’t have any real competition. Replicating what you’ve achieved here is nigh on impossible.

I love you.

Yours forever,



That’s the letter that I would’ve written a year ago. But my, times have changed. If I were to write them a letter now, it would be something like this:

Dear Facebook,

Really? Like, seriously? What were you thinking? You’ve taken a brilliantly simple and efficient platform, and turned it into a mumbo-jumbo information overload with a messy layout. I feel like you’re constantly invading my privacy, and allowing people to see things that they shouldn’t ever need to see. I have to regularly update my privacy settings because you make what seems like daily changes to the system, and have made this whole experience unnecessarily complicated. Why would you do this? And now you’re telling us there are going to be even more drastic changes! You’ve either lost your mind, or are at least trying your utmost to give us that impression. You call this natural progression, I call this change for the sake of change.

To be honest, I’m considering switching to Google+.

It’s not me, it’s you.

Thanks for the good times,



There’s a major lesson to be learnt here. Keeping with the times and taking advantage of the latest technology is important. You always have to stay one step ahead of the completion, because put simply, if you’re not ahead of them then you’re probably behind them. But it should all be within reason. If your business is successful because of its ease of use, then you shouldn’t change your game plan. If there’s new technology out there, use it to make your consumers even more comfortable, more satisfied. Give them reasons to stay, not go! Right not, Facebook users feel more exposed than ever. It seems as though the phrase “Stalkerbook” is becoming more relevant by the day.

Facebook is driving their consumers into Google’s waiting arms. And the proof is in the pudding. Google+ is already well over 50 million strong. And their numbers aren’t slowing down. Maybe it’s time for Facebook to stop changing for the sake of it, and start investing intelligently into the future? Otherwise, I wonder if there’ll be a future left for them to invest in …

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