Yahoo Tries Marrying TV and Internet

Yahoo Tries Marrying TV and Internet

Intel Corp and Yahoo are working extremely hard on merging probably the two biggest forms of media in the 21st century – Television and the Internet. These companies are not the first to try this, nor will be the last, but they have the time, money and resources to be able to have the best attempt at this so far.

They are considering using the current ideas of ‘Widget’ technology that has been incorporated on many desktops across all platforms over the last few years. By enabling a sidebar scrolling along the bottom of the television screen, it could be possible you are watching your favourite show, but at the same time check your email on a sidebar, or download the latest stock quotes.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, the Wall Street Journal states:

But they face stiff competition, and the need to rally Internet, software and consumer-electronics companies behind their plan. Intel said it has received support from some big players, including cable giant Comcast Corp., Walt Disney Co.’s ABC unit and hardware makers Sony Corp., Toshiba Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. and Motorola Inc.

If Yahoo and Intel can make this technology accessible and affordable to consumers and get the backing it needs from the electronic industry – I believe the uptake of this technology will prove to be a very successful merging of Television and the Internet.

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