Yes, there can be too much of a good thing, and that includes SEO

Yes, there can be too much of a good thing, and that includes SEO

There can be lots of mistakes when attempting to optimise a site for targeted keywords, and keyword stuffing is just the beginning. I’m sure you know about the trouble we can get into for keyword stuffing and spammy tactics, and I’m also sure you know about how the search engines hate this sort of thing, but what we might not realise, is how much those strategies turn away our customers; they can harm our businesses even if the search engines don’t penalise our sites. One may also be amazed to see that our sites might receive an over optimisation penalty even if we haven’t crossed the line into ‘black hat techniques’ or spamming the search engines.

A search engine marketing expert Bill Hartzer gives us a classic example of how one can be effected by over optimisation by unfolding what happens when you put too much anchor text in your site,

“so that all the homepage links say ‘keyword keyword home’ instead of ‘home’”.

This leads to lost search engine rankings a few days later, but within a few days changing the links back, that rankings return. This makes it clear to us that over optimisations and getting penalised for it really does exist.

Knowing that there is an over optimisation penalty and that you don’t have to perform unethical SEO techniques what can we do to prevent this? Hartzer states

“that if you keep your main goal in mind, which isn’t just writing and creating a website to make the search engines happy you can avoid being penalised”.

We must remember that search engines, are businesses too. For example, Google wants the searches coming to their site to have a great user experience, otherwise they won’t come back, and next time will use a different search engine. Google tries to give their visitors the best experience by providing them with information and website that suite their needs and that users enjoy visiting too. So before naming links and writing content think about your customers and what they would like to see. Keep in mind that Google is a business and write and optimise for your customers primarily to ensure you are not penalised and your search engine rankings remain high.

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