YouTube China Cut Off For a Day

YouTube China Cut Off For a Day

Access to Google owned YouTube was cut off on Sunday in China due to the uploading of graphic images and videos from Tibet, where trucks were pictured burning and monks were getting drafted through the streets by Chinese soldiers.

Blocking Western based websites is quite normal for China, where the government has always controlled the flow of information amongst its residents.

YouTube’s global reach is starting to show, with the uptake of users from all corners of the world, so much so that it is getting banned by China due to its political pedestal it provides.

What is everyone’s opinion on forcefully blocking content from users?

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  • Alizha
    Posted at 11:32 pm, March 25, 2009

    I am a lecturer for Business subjects in China. My PPTs all have examples of youtube videos on it i.e. McDonalds. Unfortunately I only had put the links in the PPT which I had also used in Thailand where I had no problem with it. Because of the slow internet connection sometimes, I started downloading the videos, saved them on my hard drive and inserted them into PPTs. I had only started it and was more than frustrated when I realized I could not even get into youtube anymore. China celebrated 30 year anniversary opening up to the west last year but it seems to me that now they are closing up again. Very, very frustrating the whole situation. I therefore have to go to another country to upgrade my lectures. What is China doing?

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